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  The purpose of the "DP935 Registry" is to document and gather information on these cars. At this point I plan to list only DP-converted street cars. We are starting with a small simple site and will change it depending on the responses and information we get.

I remember reading about these cars during the '80's. When I recently bought one I did a search to try and find some information. Boy, not much out there. I ran across bits of information posted on various sites. I've posted shots of my car on a few sites and have gotten some responses from other owners. The cars occasionally come up for sale. What little information I have I've gotten from other sites.

I'm hoping if you have one you'll take the time to add your car by filling in the registry form and providing a photo. You can also put a link up to your page if you have one. Any background information on DP, original build sheets, etc. would be appreciated (you can email them to me and I'll post them.)

There is a Technical Forum to ask and answer questions, as well as a Wanted/For Sale section for cars and parts.

Harold Williams
'79 930/DP935

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