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Name: Harold Williams

Year/Base Model: 1979, 930 (US/CA. spec) sunroof coupe

Engine: 3.5L twin plug, Bosch 12 plug distributor, SC cams, DP intercooler, SSI heat exchangers, K27 turbo, Tial wategate, DP muffler. Center mounted oil cooler

Suspension: Bilstein sport shocks, 22mm front & 20mm rear (DP?) sway bars. Welded in front strut base. 8"x15" w/215/55/15 fronts & 11"x15" w/295/45/15 rears. Michelin TB vintage race tires.

Interior: Recaro C electric seats, DP center console, boost gauge in clock opening, boost knob. Porsche Design steering wheel. Wevo shifter & coupler,

Options: Andial 8:39 r&p, limited slip.

Background Info: Full DP conversion in the early '80s by Andial

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