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Name: Nikolaus Klemmer

Year/Base Model: 1984, 1984 911 targa 3.2

Engine: 3.2

Suspension: Frt.: Boge+Weltmeister adj. sway bar + Weltmeister strut tower bar, Rear: Bilstein HD + Weltmeister adj. sway bar

Interior: Black leather

Options: 930 steering wheel, 915 transmission with: - transmission oil cooler - LSD - shorter gearing BBS wheels, forged, powder coated

Background Info: Car was ordered in 1984 from Porsche, delivered to dp in Germany, and modified by Zimmermann. This is not a 935 as shown in most of the pictures, but instead a 911 3.2 with steel (!) fender flares, a turbo tail, and a dp targa bar. It was modified by dp to the tune of DM16,000 before it was shipped to customer in the US. Was extensively used as a track car in the 80's and early '90s. Current engine was overhauled by Pacific Northwest 935 engine builder Dick Evelrude with enhancements to cylinders, pistons, cams, and cooling.

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