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Name: Anthony Voitureltd

Year/Base Model: 1984, Kremer 935 K2

Engine: engine # 1 Kremer 485 HP single turbo for street use. engine # 2 600+ hp twin turbo for track events

Suspension: kremer

Interior: Sand

Background Info: In the build documentation from Manfred Kremer This 1984 Porsche chassis #00400259ES000337 ordered built from Kremer by Mario Andretti to his specification using some 956 engineering and parts with D P motorsports K-2 kevlar body.with test specifications with the single turbo motor of 480 hp 0-60 in 3.2 seconds top speed 192 mph.He also states (dated in july 25 2003 ) "this is the finest 935 street 2 Kremer we have produced for any customer".

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