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DP935: description and technical data Originally Posted by DP Spec Sheet

The new DP935 type II is a further development of type I, that has been built successfully for 6 years. It resembles the racing car bodies designed and built by our company which enabled Klaus Ludwig to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the racing sports championship in the same year.

The Basic model is always the Porsche 911. It is of no importance, however, if a Porsche SC, Carrera, Turbo, Targa or Convertible is being modified. The following major modification measures turn a Porsche into a DP935:

   •  1 front spoiler with headlights, turn signals, glass covers and oil cooler grid
   • 1 rear bumper with taillights and license plate illumination
   • 2 flat front fenders with grilles, wheel flares, and tank pit
   • 2 rear side parts with brake ventilation &lld wheel flares
   • 2 large doors sills with embedded logotype
   • 1 trunk hood, oilcooler exhaust duct
   •  1 rear spoiler with large grille, additional air lovers and improved loading air supply
   • 2 outside rear view mirrors (Genuine racing type)
   • 1 heavy duty oilcooler in the front of the car
   •  4 spacers
   •  1 front acle reinforcement bar
   •  1 center console (various equipment options)
   • 1 foot support
   •  1 completely new suspension kit
   •  2 stabilizers in front and in the rear
   •  1 complete paint job with outside color striping
   • 1 approval by state safety agency
   •  2 rims in front, 9" x 15" with 2 tires (225/50x15/P7)
   •  2 rims in the rear, 13" x 15" with 2 tires (345/35x.l5/P7)

Type I:

   • 2 rims in front, 8" x 15" with 2 tires (205/50x15/P7)
   • 2 rims in thr rear, 11" x 15" with 2 tires (285/40x15/P7)

Optional Equipment:

   • various interiors in leather and velours materials
   • various stereo equipment consoles with different instrumentation
   • performance improvements of the turbo engine up to 400 hp
   •  adjustable boost on turbo models
   • large boost gauge
   • aspirating engine with increased displacement and power
   • special steel exhaust systems
   • targa or convertible version with turbo engine
   • aluminium roll bar with leather cover
   • modified hi-performance front suspension
   • shorter shifting distances
   • various sport seats
   • light weight bodies
   • AC and a power sunroof.

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